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Dental Filling in Madurai

What is meant by tooth decay?

Dental caries which is commonly referred to as tooth decay is a microbiological process, which causes demineralization of the sound tooth structure. The demineralization process caused by microbes, destroys the basic structure of tooth leading to discoloration of tooth which enhances the process of infection. If this is not treated in appropriate time, then it can ultimately cause loss of the whole tooth. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals the Dental filling in Madurai .

What can be done to manage tooth decay?

Initial changes of tooth decay cannot be identified by the patient. Usually patient visits the dentist only when they notice any kind of dark spots or discolouration of the tooth. Based on the extent of the decay process, relevant restorative procedures are carried out to halt the rate of infection.

What type of restorative modalities are available?

Recently, with changing trends in dentistry, the preventive treatment modalities are highly recommended. In initial stages of dental caries, preventive measures are first implemented, which includes remineralisation methods like application of sealants, fluoride application via various modes like dentifrices, mouthwashes, lozenges or by chewing gums. If these preventive measures fails to prevent the rate of tooth decay, then the treatment plan is shifted towards traditional way, in which the tooth decay is managed by doing dental fillings .

How is dental fillings done?

Firstly, the decayed tooth is thoroughly examined and the extent of damage caused by the microbial action is analysed both clinically and by radiographic methods. After this the decayed portion of the tooth is removed with the corresponding equipments, before proceeding any further one should be sure not to leave any decayed portion behind, because that might lead to recurrence of dental caries, which should be avoided. Then, the prepared cavity is filled with proper restorative cements.

What are all the type of dental filling materials?

Wide range of dental filling materials are available. But it is chosen, according to the extent and depth of the decayed portion and also depending on the remaining dentin thickness, the best type of restorative cement is indicated. In olden times, the only available cement was made of Amalgam (Silver), which was used over a long period of time. The main drawback of this amalgam was its colour, which gave a unaesthestic appearance. So, with the development of new technologies, various kinds of aesthetic cements made of composites, porcelain or ceramics were invented, which satisfied most of the patients concerns.

What are the consequences of skipping dental filling?

If your dentist recommends you to do a Dental filling in Madurai , then it should be done as soon as possible. If you tend to skip this procedure, then the microbial infection will continue to takes place which further damages the entire tooth structure and it may cause pain and swelling surrounding the corresponding tooth. Once pain arises, then invasive method of treatment is implemented. So, it is better to halt the decay process at the initial stage itself by undergoing dental filling procedures.

How much does a dental filling cost?

Dental filling is a preventive restorative procedure, which is done to eliminate the tooth decay, followed by filling the prepared tooth with appropriate cements. The expenses for doing a dental filling is relatively very low and approximately ranges from Rs.100/- to 1000/-

After care instructions for dental restoration.

Avoid drinking water or any kind of foods for atleast 45minutes, immediately after doing a Dental Restoration. You might feel mild discomfort which is quite normal, but if you tend to experience any kind of prolonged pain then, consult with Best dentist in Madurai for further management. For a short period of time, try to avoid hard and sticky Food stuffs. Follow routine oral hygienic measures like tooth brushing, Flossing and Mouth cleansing.

Do dental fillings need replacement?

Dental filling Madurai usually lasts for a long period of time, approximately for 10-15 years, with proper maintenance. But, in some instances like discolouration or fractures of dental filling or development of recurrent secondary carious lesions or in case of painful tooth, under these kind of scenarios a Dental filling might need replacement with newer type of restorations. Apart from these, generally a dental filling doesn’t need to be replaced, if it is maintained properly.