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Dental implant in Madurai

The Dental Implant In Madurai Procedure involves administration of local anaesthesia and the gum is cut open to expose the jawbone. A small hole is made in the bone in the desired position and the selected titanium implant is placed. On this, a post called Abutment is attached by a screw.

Over this a crown or a bridge is fixed. This can be done either at the same visit when the implant is placed (Immediate Loading ) or after a waiting period 0f 3-4 months (Delayed Loading) and deliver you Fixed Teeth By Dental Implant In Madurai Whether you are looking for a simple smile upgrade or a complete smile transformation we are confident we have the best solution for you!

Efficient Doctors

Noor Dental Clinic team members consists of dedicated skilled professionals and best experienced services.

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Advanced Technology

Our Clinic is skilled professionalism and best latest technology in Dental care treatments in madurai.

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Speciality Dentist

Dental hospital in Madurai Dentistry has a team of well trained specialists with latest equipment and technology incorporated in our clinic practice.

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