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Dental Implants in Madurai

What are Dental implants?

Dental Implant in Madurai are one of the type of fixed dental prosthesis, which is used for replacing the missing or lost tooth/teeth. The unique feature of the implant is that it has an implant fixture which is inserted into the bone and then a prosthetic crown is placed over this fixture. It provides a huge amount of strength and support when compared to any other type of artificial prosthesis.

What type of material is implant composed of?

Implants can be made from wide range of alloys, like titanium, stainless steel, gold alloys, zirconium and cobalt chromium alloys. By far, implants made from titanium alloys have shown high success rate due to its excellent biocompatible nature and has high resistance. At our Noor dental clinic , only titanium based implants are used to provide high quality treatment services to the patients.

What are the indications of a dental implant?

Implants can be indicated in almost all ideal cases, in which prosthetic rehabilitation is required. It can be used to replace single or multiple missing tooth and also in full mouth rehabilitation cases. It is also used in patients with high gag reflex, low tolerance of mucosal tissues and in patients having poor neuromuscular capacity. In orthodontic patients for better anchorage purposes, Implants are used as Temporary Anchorage Devices.

Dental implant contraindications?

Every physician should be aware of the contraindications of any procedure that is in routine practice. Certain absolute contraindications of dental implants are any kind of debilitating systemic diseases like endocrine abnormalities, psychiatric illness, bone diseases, Hematopoietic disorders, cardiovascular manifestations, immuno-compromised status, long term steroid therapy and in irradiated tissues. The relative contraindications are smoking, uncontrolled diabetes, oral bisphosphonates therapy, osteoporosis, Anticoagulant therapy, Trismus, Chronic sinusitis, Poor oral hygiene, Chronic periodontal disease.

What is the age limit for indication of dental implants?

Complete development of jaw bone is necessary for placement of implants. It is usually not indicated in young individuals until the jaw bone growth is fully completed. Likewise, implants are mot suggested in older individuals with underlying debilitating Systemic diseases. Apart from these, implants are almost indicated in other age groups, pertaining to all ideal conditions available for implant placement at Dental implant in Madurai

How implants does differs from other type of prosthesis?

Dental implant in Madurai Implants have a unique nature that it functions as an independent Prosthesis and it doesn’t takes any support from the adjacent Teeth. Hence, the neighbouring healthy teeth are not involved in Prosthetic design and there is no need for intentional tooth Preparations. Excellent support and stability of the prosthesis is achieved while using implants, as it gets bound to the Jaw bone and thus maximizing the proper function of the prosthesis.


Preparatory phase of Implant?

Implant placement is not a single step process, multiple steps and protocols are followed before and after carrying out implant procedures. Prior to implant placement, patient evaluation is done, which includes documentation of entire medical history of the concerned patient and if needed laboratory investigations are carried out. Present health status of the patient should be analyzed by a general physician and the Medical fitness should be provided in written form for immuno compromised patients. The intra oral examination involves accessing the overall health of dental structures to rule out the presence of certain conditions like chronic infections, soft tissue or bony pathologies, cystic lesions or malignant overgrowths. On radiographic examination, the quantity, quality of bone is measured and exact implant positioning is planned, by keenly analyzing all the surrounding vital anatomical structures. Once all these parameters, are well analyzed, then the surgical phase of implant procedure is planned which is followed by prosthetic rehabilitation. Madurai best dental clinic team at Noor Dental Clinic is highly qualified, experienced and certified in Implant Therapy.

How implant gets bound to bone?

Implants are inserted into bone by creating space in the bone, with the help of various drills, and these spaces are referred to as osteotomies. The process of implant merging with the bone is referred to as Osseo integration. It occurs with the help of blood cells which forms an intervening connection between bone and implants. These cells acts as a precursors, later transforming into bone forming cells, and bone is laid down over the space available between implant and jaw bone, thus forming an inseparable link between them.

How is implant placed into the bone?

After osteotomy is prepared, the bone is well irrigated and implant is carefully inserted into the prepared site by using manual or hand piece driven torque wrench. Once the primary stability of implant is checked, a cover screw is placed over the head end part of implant. Then the surgical site is approximated by proper suture techniques. The patient is recalled the next day for evaluation of the surgical site. Noor Dental Clinic at Dental Clinic in Madurai

When prosthetic part of implant is is done?

Best dental clinic in Madurai Following surgical phase of implant, it is allowed to heal for a period of 3-4 months approximately. During this healing period, a h2 interconnection occurs between the jaw bone and implant, which is absolutely essential for the stability and long term life of the implant. A temporary prosthesis is usually given after a week of implant placement, in order to maintain the dimensional parameters and to prevent neighbouring tooth drifting and also for aesthetic concerns. After 2-3 months of implant placement, the required Osseo integration is evaluated by radiographs. If the conditions are ideal, then the permanent prosthetic part of implant is placed. The period of healing process may vary from individual to individual and is also age dependent. So the prosthetic rehabilitation is carried out according to the patient’s conditions and usually it ranges between 6-7 months maximally after the surgical phase.

Post-operative instructions of implant?

Like any surgical procedure, certain post-operative instructions are also followed after implant placement. For first 24hrs, Ice packs should be placed on the surgical site for reducing post-operative pain. The surgical site should be left undisturbed, it should not be touched with bare hands which might lead to infection of the surgical site. Tooth brushing should be performed with much care, not to apply excessive pressure over the implant site. The recommended mouthwashes should be used regularly. Proper intake of prescribed antibiotics and analgesics is much needed to alleviate pain and further infections. Dental Implant in Madurai Soft diet is followed for a week after surgical phase, which is then switched to normal Diet For Rapid Healing process to occur, total Abstinence from Smoking and Alcohol is mandatory. Maintaining proper Oral Hygiene is the key to long term success of the implants.

What is the success outcome of dental implants?

Dental Clinic in Madurai provide a wide range of dental implants services to patients from Madurai city, Tamil Nadu Generally, regardless of any procedure performed, the success rate of 100% is not obtained exactly, since some pitfalls are bound to occur, inspite of performing high quality treatment. However, when compared to other prosthetic procedures, implants have a better success rate, under favourable circumstances.

What are the complications of implant?

Dental Clinic in Madurai Increased risk of implant failure or complications are found to occur in patients with history of periodontal diseases, uncontrolled diabetes, heavy smoking, uncontrolled parafuctional habits, osteoporosis, immunocompromised status and in post chemotherapy patients. It is better to avoid implants in patients with above mentioned conditions, and any other type of prosthetic replacement is opted.

Follow ups visits for implant?

Usually, after implant procedure is done, patients are instructed to strictly follow the regular routine recall visits for better outcome. After the surgical phase, patient is recalled the next day for accessing the surgical site and then after one week the next follow up is done to access the healing process. Once the prosthetic rehabilitation is completed, the maintenance visit should be followed every 3-4 months. During these visits, the prosthetic fitting and soft tissue health surrounding the implant is accessed. Professional scaling combined with maintaining proper oral hygienic measures are mandatory for the longevity of the implants.

How much is the expense for a dental implant?

Dental implant in Madurai is a highly advanced treatment procedure available to rehabilitate the missing tooth. The expenses for a dental implants depends on the material by which it is made of and usually ranges from Rs.5000/- to 50,000/-

Any specific Speciality for Dental Implant placement?

Best dental hospital in Madurai Chief Doctor Dr.Aafaque Mds., is a well-known Implantologist in Tamilnadu. Who is also the director of Noor Dental readily available for the surgical procedure.