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Gum Care Treatment in Madurai

Gum Care Treatment in Madurai Gum disease is the foremost reason for tooth loss in adults. Untreated gum disease can grow and cause bleeding, tooth loss, and impair bone and mouth tissues. It all starts with a build-up of plaque, a sticky colourless film that repeatedly forms on teeth when the sugars and starches present in foods interact with the bacteria in your mouth. Plaque reforms quickly, typically within 24 hours

What are the three stages Gum disease?

  • Gingivitis – This is the first stage where gums are mildly inflamed, they appear red or swollen, and may bleed during brushing.
  • Periodontitis – In the second stage, gums begin to pull away from the teeth, allowing plaque bacteria to infect tooth roots supporting fibers and bone.
  • Advanced Periodontitis – The third stage of gum disease is where supporting fibers and bone are destroyed, teeth are loose, and need to be removed.

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