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Pediatric dentist in Madurai

Pediatric dentist in Madurai Generally, the first milk tooth erupts between the age of 5 months to 11 months. It varies from one child to another. Mostly the first tooth to erupt is lower central incisors. During the period of tooth eruption, babies may face some discomfort like mild fever, pain in gums, improper food intake, disturbed sleeping patterns which are referred to as teething symptoms. These difficulties usually disappears once the teeth eruption is completed

When should I start bringing my child to the dentist?

By the age of two, your baby’s teeth should all have erupted. This is a good time to start bringing your child for their first dental check-up, where a gentle cleaning can be done. Introducing your child to a Pediatric dentist in Madurai from a young age can help your child get more comfortable with the experience too. It will also help us identify any dental issues from an early age and ensure proper growth of their jaw and teeth. This will reduce the likelihood of oral complications in the later part of their lives, so your child can have a happier and healthier childhood. A healthy smile starts from childhood! That’s why we want to help all our young patients build good dental habits. Our children’s dentistry services are offered for children aged 18 years and below.

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