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Teeth Alignment in Madurai

What is orthodontic (Braces) treatment?

Orthodontics dentistry in Madurai involves correction of irregularly arranged teeth into proper alignment for better Esthetics and function. It also corrects the excessive biting force so that the tissues around and jaws related issues can be prevented to a larger extent.

How to seek help for ortho treatment?

The first step is to visit Noor Dental and fix an appointment with Orthodontist. No clinic has an orthodontist regularly which can be difficult on larger appointment basis. But here in our clinic Dr.Aafaque Mds.,Is well experienced in this Orthodontics & is available where you can directly interact with him and clarify all your queries in regards to the treatment. Remember to book an appointment ahead.

What are the steps to be taken before Dental treatment begins?

Yes. There are basic steps to undergone before beginning your braces treatment. After thorough check up by your Dental Clinic in Madurai , he will explain all the issue to be corrected and the various treatment options possible. If you are sure on proceeding with the treatment, then a dental radiograph (x-ray) has to be taken in order to visualise your teeth with the surrounding bone & other structures. Then follows the preparation of your pre-treatment records for analysing the teeth and also to compare the final result post treatment. Based on your convenience, a day shall be planned for the placement of brackets to begin your treatment journey.

What’s the right age to go for orthodontic treatment?

Every issue has a different view to encounter. Dental Clinic in Madurai Mostly braces treatment are done during adolescent age, but some malocclusion should begin earlier So, when some changes in the alignment of teeth in your child or siblings is noticed, Make sure to visit a dentist and get an check-up done on the developing dentition. Every situation need not be normal, some habits like tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, mouth breathing should be corrected during child-hood to avoid deleterious effects on the teeth and surrounding bone and tissue.

Is braces treatment necessary?

Orthodontic treatment is not aesthetically concerned but also it assists in resolving various other dental issues. Usually the people notice only the forward placed teeth or crowded teeth but beyond this there are many other problems which are un-noticed. When the teeth aren’t aligned properly, can put stress on the muscles of the jaw, causing joint problems and sometimes head pain Orthodontic treatment can help you to bite more efficiently and reduce the strain. Always remember “Prevention is better than cure” If you really need Braces treatment then do go for it, without any diversions. Teeth Braces Treatment in Madurai

How long does it takes to align the teeth?

The duration depends upon the severity of the issue and also depends on the age of the people. For children during their growth stage actively, the tooth moves rapidly and the entire treatment can be completed within few months but in case of adults it may take longer duration for the tooth to be moved into proper alignment. Approximately it may take from 6 months to 2 year.

How much time does braces take?

Orthodontic braces usually need every 4 to 6 weeks adjustments. Teeth Braces in Madurai Orthodontist will guide you on adjustments time.

Can braces damage my teeth?

Your teeth and gums can be damaged if you don’t look after properly during the course of treatment. The braces by themselves will not cause any issues or damage, but improper cleaning can cause damage to your teeth which can be permanent. Brackets, wires and braces can en-trap food and cause more tartar/plaque than usual to build up. So you need to clean your dentition and braces very cleanly and do follow each &every instructions listed by your Invisalign Braces in Madurai .

Is Braces Treatment successful?

The success of the treatment depends on both the Orthodontist and his patient. The orthodontist will Make sure to use all his knowledge and take necessary steps to progress the treatment, the patient Should follow each and every instructions given by the Dental Clinic in Madurai specialist very strictly and should not skip any Appointments without doctor knowledge.