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Teeth Replacement in Madurai

What should be done if natural tooth is lost?

Many reasons can be listed out for the loss of natural tooth. A tooth may be lost due to tooth Decay, Tooth fracture, loss of periodontal support or may be during traumatic injuries. The lost tooth should definitely be replaced by an artificial prosthesis in order to maintain the arch integrity, for maximum chewing efficiency and also to maintain aesthetic harmony. Teeth Replacement in Madurai - We may be able to offer you the best smile you have ever had, with our high quality treatment. /p>

Do I need any prior consultation before choosing an artificial prosthesis?

Before choosing the type of Prosthesis, Prior consultation by a Prosthodontist is essential to deliver the best suited prosthesis. The prosthodontist will access your oral conditions and depending on the basic criteria needed to choose, he shall choose the type of prosthesis, he will list out various options that can be successfully carried out.

Not all dental clinics will have a prosthodontist and the unique feature of our Noor dental clinic is that we do have a well experienced prosthodontist readily available to deliver Best Dental Clinic in Madurai .

What are the types of Prosthesis?

Various types of artificial prosthesis to replace the missing teeth are available at Teeth Replacement in Madurai. They are grouped mainly under two categories; Removable prosthesis and Fixed prosthesis. Removable prosthesis can be removed by the patients and it can be cleaned after every meal where as fixed prosthesis cannot be removed by the patient and fixed prosthesis needs professional cleaning every 3 months, apart from following routine hygienic measures. The fabrication of prosthesis solely depends on the available patients oral conditions.

What is meant by Dentures?

The artificial prosthesis are designed to replace the missing natural tooth/teeth are referred to as Dentures. Dentures can be used to replace a single missing teeth or multiple tooth which are known as Partial dentures and the complete dentures replaces the whole entire teeth in a jaw. Dentures helps in rehabilitating the masticating efficiency of the teeth and also helps in proper sounding of words and reestablishes the aesthetic contour of the patient.

Is it difficult to deal with new dentures?

Initially, patient may face some kind of difficulties with the use of Dentures, so Dentures adhesives are recommended in initial stages to maintain the correct position of the denture in Oral cavity. But, eventually with proper training and practice, Dentures are easy to handle, as it Re-establishes the form and Functions of the lost teeth.

How to maintain artificial prosthesis?

Fixed artificial prosthesis cannot be removed by the patients, hence they are maintained effectively by following proper tooth brushing, flossing and by doing professional Scaling every 3-6 months. Removable prosthesis should be cleaned daily and after every meals by using dentures cleansers as prescribed by the Top Dentist In Madurai . When the removable prosthesis is not in use, it should be kept safely in a container soaked with water, and before sleeping the removable prosthesis should be removed from the mouth to avoid the chances of inhalation of any small part of the prosthesis into the alimentary or respiratory tract.

Does the prosthesis need any replacement after long usage?

Wear and tear is found to occur with any things that we use on a regular basis. Likewise, the Artificial prosthesis may also need replacement after prolong usage. Generally, the lifetime of fixed Prosthesis may vary from 3-5 years, but if properly maintained it may last longer. Removable prosthesis usually last for 1-2 years after which it may need replacement due to rapid Deterioration of the prosthesis and also there is high chances for the occurrence of breakages of any part of the Removable Prosthesis. Proper and safe maintenance of the prosthesis is essential to have a better and long standing working efficiency of the Prosthesis.

Is it possible to get the prosthesis as soon as after the tooth removal?

Definitely, it is possible. The prosthesis which is given immediately after tooth extraction, these are known as interim or immediate dentures. After tooth extraction, immediately these dentures are inserted and it acts as a splint and aids in faster healing of the extracted site. These immediate dentures are mostly preferred in young patients and it is feasible to use only is preferred aesthetic zones. These dentures may need replacement after the complete healing of the extracted socket.

Are specialist available for Prosthesis/ Dentures?

Yes, Dentistry has various Speciality branches, of which Prosthodontics is a branch which deals with prosthesis. We proudly at Noor Dental have the Top Prosthodontist in Madurai , they specialize in dentures and prosthesis.

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