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Aesthetic Dentistry in Madurai

Aesthetic Dentistry:

Aesthetic dentistry in Madurai has created a great impact on people in recent times and it has uplifted dentistry to a more sophisticated way of treatment care. In this modern era, people are more conscious about the way they look, which has increased the demand for aesthetic procedures. It is mainly focused on improving the shape, color, size and alignment of teeth and its surrounding structures to create an attractive smile makeover for the patient.

Dental solutions done in Aesthetic dentistry?

Wide range of dental solutions are available to enhance the aesthetic look of the patient. These includes whitening of teeth/ tooth bleaching, reshaping of gums and teeth, dental veneers, smile designing, dental implants, Invisalign braces Madurai . Noor dental clinic is a one stop solution to all dental problems and all these aesthetic procedures are executed in a well-equipped manner.

Teeth bleaching/whitening?

Most commonly performed aesthetic procedure is Teeth Bleaching or Whitening, Teeth Whitening In Madurai . Nowadays, people are more concerned about their External Appearance and indeed they want to have a brighter shade of teeth to add beauty to their Smile. Teeth bleaching is done by using some chemical agents referred to as bleaching agents. For application of these agents, bleaching trays are constructed and fitted into the oral cavity. These agents helps in removal of stains that is adhered to the tooth structure and shifts the tooth shade to a brighter look. Teeth bleaching can be done in-office by the dentist or it can also be done at home by the patient, as instructed by the dentist.

Indications and contraindications of teeth whitening?


Mild Enamel or Dentin or Pulpal Discolorations, intrinsic stains like Fluorosis, Post- Rct tooth Discolorations Tetracycline Stains and age related Discolorations are the various indications of teeth whitening.


The contraindication of Teeth Whitening includes defective enamel or dentin formation, severe Enamel loss, presence of Decayed tooth, discolored composites, proximity of pulp horns and hypersensitive teeth. Before commencing teeth whitening the overall health of the teeth and periodontal tissues are analyzed and the procedure is only started if ideal conditions exist.

What are Dental veneers?

Dental Veneers are custom made prosthesis, which is very thin like a wafer and it is commonly used to cover the front surface of the tooth to enhance the aesthetic look of the tooth. It is minimally an invasive approach, as it involves tooth preparation on only facial surface of the tooth, whereas other surfaces are left undisturbed. Veneers are mostly indicated only in anterior tooth region and not preferred in posterior areas.

What are the different types of Veneers?

Porcelain veneers and composite resin veneers are the two main types of veneers widely used in practice. Each type has its own merits and demerits. Porcelain veneers are little expensive, but has better long standing efficiency and are highly stain resistant. On the other hand composite resin veneers are less expensive but are more easily prone to damages.

Indications of veneers?

Dental veneers are indicated under following conditions like poorly shaped or crooked tooth, esthetically compromised anterior tooth, enamel hypoplasia, closure of diastemas, chipped out or fracture teeth, stained teeth(intrinsic /extrinsic), anatomically malformed tooth like peg laterals and also in mild orthodontic corrections.

Contraindications of veneers?

The contraindications of dental veneers may include enamel insufficiency, excessive interdental spacing, severe malocclusion, high caries index, compromised periodontal health, endodontically treated teeth, poor oral hygiene and in presence of parafunctional habits like bruxism and clenching.

Do veneers need replacement?

Generally, Veneers have a long Shelf life, as it is made mostly from Porcelain. Replacement of Veneers may be needed in case of fractured Prosthesis, which might be caused due to heavy masticatory forces or when gingival recession occurs there might be a need for veneer replacement. On prolong usage, the shade of the veneer may deteriorate and in such conditions new veneers are fabricated. But it might take around 4-5 years for commencement of shade deterioration of veneers. Proper oral hygiene maintenance may delay the need for Veneer replacements in Madurai .

Gingival Reshaping/ contouring:

In some people, there might be excess exposure of gingival tissue than normal. This excessive gum exposure can be altered to produce a more appealing gingival contour while smiling and this procedure is referred to as Gingival reshaping /contouring . It is entirely an aesthetic procedure done to recreate the shape, size and contour of gingival tissues.

Gingival de-pigmentation:

The normal color of gingiva is coral pink, but the color may appear darker in few individuals. This color variation is absolutely normal, because it depends on the amount of melanin production which varies from one individual to another. The darker shade of gingiva doesn’t indicate any kind of abnormality and usually it doesn’t needs any treatment. Since, people are more aesthetically oriented, they find the darker gingiva as unaesthetic and wishes to lighten their gingival shade. Gingival de-pigmentation In Madurai is a plastic surgical procedure, in which the hyperpigmented gingiva are lightened by various methods. The different treatment modalities available for gingival depigmentation are by means of scalpels, cryosurgery, electrosurgery and lasers. Lasers are most widely used, since it is comfortably manageable. Multiple treatment sessions may be needed for this procedure, until the expected shade of gingival tissues is achieved.

Tooth reshaping/contouring:

Tooth Reshaping/Contouring also known asodontoplasty or enameloplasty is a conservative procedure performed to alter the shape, length or one or more surface of a tooth. In this procedure, few millimeters of tooth enamel is removed to produce a significant changes in the appearance of the tooth. It is done only when minor corrections are enough to enhance the tooth appearance aesthetically. It is a painless and inexpensive method. It is a simple procedure as it involves removal of only surface enamel for improving the tooth appearance. The only drawback of this procedure is that it can result in tooth sensitivity due to removal of tooth enamel. Hence, adequate amount of enamel should be present to undergo tooth contouring.

Smile Makeover:

The smile is one of the important emotion which is shared most widely when we try to communicate with new people. It is a unique to each Individual. In recent times, with a high trend in the field of aesthetic procedures, people wishes to change the way they look and they opt for smile makeover to have a picture perfect smile. It is suggested in patients with underlying dental issues like tooth caries, loose tooth, missing tooth, stained tooth or malaligned teeth. Smile designing is proceeded through series of multiple treatment procedures like Dental Veneers, Teeth Whitening, Composite bondings, Tooth Implants and if necessary Orthodontic, Periodontics and Surgical modifications are also carried out to achieve a flawless Smile Makeover At Dental Clinic in Madurai . This makeover not only focuses on improving your tooth appearance but also makes your lips and cheeks to look good, in order to get a perfect Makeover Look.

Dental jewellery:

Everyone is fond of wearing Accessories and Jewels, as it adds up beauty to the appearance of a person. The craze for the people towards jewellery has led to the development of new procedures even in the field of dentistry to attach jewel to the tooth structures. Dental jewellery is a cosmetic procedure in which an accessory is attached to the surface of the tooth to get a dazzling and attractive smile look. The available dental jewellery are lip rings, cheek studs, tongue rings and studs, tooth gems, dazzlers, twinkles, grill jewellery, tooth rhinestones and dental tattoos. It is done only on patient’s preference. The selection of Jewel and the Tooth onto which the accessory is to be placed completely depends on patient’s choice. Dental jewellery can be done both temporarily and permanently. The temporary type of jewel may last from 1-5 weeks, whereas the permanent one stays for a longer period of time and it is mostly removed on Patient’s Willingness, if he/she wishes to remove or replace it. In older days, Piercings and tooth Jewellery were practiced due to religious traditions and beliefs, but currently it is considered mainly as a cosmetic concern to glam up the beauty. At Noor dental clinic, we do perform dental jewellery procedures to enhance the overall aesthetic appearance of your teeth.

What’s cost of Veneers / Smile Makeover?

Dental Clinic in Madurai , Cost of Veneer’s/Jewel starts from Rs.500/- to Rs.5000/- based on the tooth Status and number of Tooth Involved. Based on the Makeover required they shall be planned and executed.