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Gum Care in Madurai

How important is professional teeth cleaning ?

Professional teeth cleaning is called as scaling. It is very important to do scaling despite your daily routine tooth brushing habits. It is mandatory to do scaling, as it enhances the gingival health and helps in reducing the occurrence of gum related issues.

Why scaling is necessary?

Proper tooth brushing can only remove few debris and recently formed plaque, but the hard deposits on the teeth known as calculus or tartar can only be removed by performing scaling.

These deposits are formed over a period of time and if it is not removed properly it may lead to development of periodontal disease which weakens the supporting structures of the tooth, ultimately it may lead to tooth loss. Hence scaling should be performed in early stages and periodically to provide a microbe free environment and also to balance the health of gingival and periodontal tissues.

How scaling is performed?

Scaling can be performed in two ways: one is hand scaling which is done manually by using hand instruments but it is now outdated. The other method is by using high speed ultrasonic instruments and this method is mostly practiced nowadays. These ultrasonic instruments are designed with vibrating tips which helps in easy removal of calculus or stains, present on the surface of tooth. With the use of these high-speed equipment’s scaling is performed easily and effectively. In Noor Dental, Gum Care in Madurai are equipped with the most advanced ultra-sonic Scalers to give advanced state of Dentistry.

Is scaling good or bad for the teeth ?

Most of the patients ask this question to the dentist atleast once, when they are advised to do Scaling procedure. Scaling is absolutely good to maintain the gingival health of the teeth and by doing scaling periodically, it helps to replenish the overall health of gingival and periodontal tissues and thereby reduces the chances of occurrence of periodontal diseases. so, performing scaling does not cause any damage to the tooth, infact it improves the maintenance of the tooth and its supporting structures.

How often scaling should be emphasized?

The duration of scaling to be performed varies from one individual to another and it also solely depends on the overall health of the supporting periodontal structures. Approximately the duration may vary from 3 months to 1 year depending on the conditions of gingival tissues. Gum Care in Madurai is providing an excellent Dental care services friendly to our environment It is always good to follow the recall visit protocol, as advised by the dentist in order to maintain proper positive health and to prevent further damage that might happen to the supporting periodontal structures.

What can I gain by performing professional cleaning?

Oral cavity acts as a main entry point for microbes to gain access into the body. So, it is mandatory to block the entry of microorganisms to lead a healthy way of living. By performing scaling, the oral cavity is cleansed off and any microbes residing in the mouth is washed away, thereby ensuring overall healthier environment.

What is the deep scaling ?

Root planing is often referred to as deep scaling. It is usually done in patients with underlying mild to moderate periodontal issues. Root planing helps in removal of calculus or preformed cementum that is deeply engaged in the root surfaces which cannot be accessed by normal scaling methods.

How painful is root planning?

Prior to the beginning of root planing, local anesthetic is given to carry out a pain free procedure and to maintain patient comfortability throughout the procedure. It is just an extended version of scaling to maintain the healthier environment on the root surfaces of the teeth.

Are there any other ways to treat damaged periodontal tissues?

Yes, there are multiple treatment option available to restore the damaged periodontal tissues. In initial stages, scaling followed by root planing is done, if these methods are not sufficient enough, then surgical methods are employed to treat the damaged tissues few of which are Periodontal flap surgeries, mucogingival surgeries and regenerative surgical methods can be performed to restore the conditions of the damaged tissues and to slow down the further destructive process. It is always better and easier to treat any disease in initial stages to avoid extensive treatment methods. Following proper follow ups as advised by Best dentist in Madurai can drastically bring about a healthy way of living.

Who can perform Flap Surgery or Root Planning?

There is a specialty in dentistry named Periodontics where dentist specialize in gum therapy and surgery., we at Noor Dental are equipped with the most advanced Scalers and surgical instruments where all the procedure is performed by the Top periodontist in Madurai .