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Oral Surgery in Madurai

What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is the last treatment resort done to manage extensively decayed or infected tooth. Oral Surgery in Madurai refers to the process of removal of entire tooth structure along with its root portion.

How painful is Tooth extraction?

Before tooth removal, Local anesthetic is injected to numb the concerned area, so that the patient doesn’t feel any kind of pain or discomfort. The feeling of tooth coming out of its socket will be felt without much of pain.

When Tooth extraction is indicated?

When all the restorative and endodontic treatment measures fails to manage the Decayed or fractured tooth, the next available treatment option done is tooth extraction. It is also indicated when tooth lacks sufficient periodontal support or when managing traumatic injuries, certain tooth may be removed for proper fixation of Fracture sites, and sometimes tooth may be extracted for orthodontic purposes to gain proper alignment of teeth and to correct the malocclusion. Noor Dental Clinic is one of the Oral Surgery in Madurai and treats patients from all over India with the most modern techniques and equipment.

Protocol followed before undergoing tooth extraction.

Prior to Tooth extraction, certain protocol measures are strictly followed. Radiographs of the tooth to be extracted are taken. Thorough medical history of the patient is enquired and filed in the case sheet. Regular medicines taken by the patient is also noted down. Systemic diseases related to cardiac, liver, respiratory, and renal or any kind of blood disorders if present, then they are managed with utmost care. Antibiotic prophylaxis is usually recommended prior to tooth extraction, in patients with underlying deliberating systemic conditions.

What changes occurs after tooth removal?

After tooth removal, the blood cells clump together to form a blood clot which seals off the further oozing of blood from the extracted tooth socket. This clot aids in rapid healing of the extracted site. Sometimes, the blood clot tends to break off leading to a common complication known as dry socket and it may cause further infections. If after care instructions are strictly followed, then these complications can be prevented.

Post care measures after tooth extraction?

After extraction of the tooth, a piece of cotton or gauze is placed on the extracted site and patient is instructed to bite on it and hold it for atleast 15-20 minutes, which promotes the process of clotting at the extracted site. Ice packs should be applied within first 24hrs to reduce postoperative pain and swelling. Performing heavy activities immediately after extraction should be avoided. Avoid forceful tooth brushing or spitting. Refrain from the habits of smoking and alcohol consumption untill the extracted site gets healed completely. Consume all the prescribed medication timely, without skipping it. During healing time, it is better to avoid hot, spicy or fiery foods and stick to soft and easily consumable food stuffs.

How long is the duration of healing period of extracted site?

It differs from one individual to another and the healing process also depends on the health status of the patient. If there is presence of any deliberating systemic condition, then it may delay the healing process. Traumatic extractions and post- operative complications may also hinder the healing of extracted site. Usually in young patients the healing is faster when compared to the old patients. Despite of any age groups, the extracted site mostly heals within a period of 7-10 days.

Is it really important to get artificial prosthesis done after tooth removal?

Absolutely, after complete healing of the extracted site, prosthetic rehabilitation is very essential. Various prosthetic treatment options are available and the best one that can be done based on the oral conditions of the patient will be listed out. The main reason behind prosthetic rehab is to prevent the pathological tooth migration, maintain the integrity of adjacent tooth structures and also to uplift the aesthetic contours of the patient.

What is the difference between normal tooth removals versus wisdom tooth removal?

Really, there is no big differences between the normal tooth extractions versus wisdom tooth extraction. Normal tooth removal doesn’t need any incisions or bone removal, whereas these are usually indicated in case of wisdom tooth removal. Commonly, Thirds molars are referred to as wisdom tooth. Thirds molars are the last tooth to erupt into oral cavity and due to insufficient space, mostly it gets impacted or may get deflected from the normal path of eruption. When it is found to be problematic, the only option available is to extract the relevant tooth. Extraction of thirds molars is considered as a minor surgical procedure and it is carried out with utmost care. Mostly, sutures are given after third molar removal, to aid in rapid healing and to prevent the post-operative complications. A strict follow up should be done to analyze the process of healing process. Noor Dental Clinic team is dedicated to help you achieve your healthy smile.

Does Injection Hurt?

Well the truth is does hurt a bit, it varies with the pain threshold level from person to person you might feel a bit of prick., but now with Noor Dental., Oral Surgery in Madurai are equipped with World’s TOP pain lessanaesthesia machine “the wand” with which pain isn’t a worry, you shall enjoy pain free dentistry at Noor dental

Cost of Extraction / Impaction?

Our extraction cost in Madurai starts from rs.200/ - rs.4000/- based on the toughness of extraction And we stand the most affordable Dental Hospital in Madurai .

Can surgical procedure be performed by everyone?

Well no, Noor Dental Clinic have specialist in the field named an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon, we proudly ay our Oral Surgeon are from the Prestigious Maulana Azad Institute (Delhi) Who are the top in Madurai.