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Kids Dentistry in Madurai

In a child when the first tooth can be expected to appear?

Kids Dentistry in Madurai Generally, the first milk tooth erupts between the age of 5 months to 11months. It varies from one child to another. Mostly the first tooth to erupt is lower central incisors. During the period of tooth eruption, babies may face some discomfort like mild fever, pain in gums, improper food intake, disturbed sleeping patterns which are referred to as teething symptoms. These difficulties usually disappears once the teeth eruption is completed.

At what age the child should be taken to a dentist?

Most of the parents in the society, takes their child to the dentist only after some dental problem arises. But it is better to plan the first visit of child to Kids Dentistry in Madurai by around the time when the first tooth begins to erupt. So that the pattern of tooth eruption can be analysed and dental related issues can be identified priorly and the child can be treated periodically.

When is brushing recommended in a child?

In a child, mouth is the common Erotic zone and it is found to harbour various kind of microbes. So it is mandatory to maintain a tidy environment in the oral cavity. Before tooth eruption, the tooth bearing areas in the mouth are called as gum pads. Parents should take necessary steps to keep the mouth clean right from this gum pad stage. With the help of gauze soaked in Luke warm water the gum pads are cleansed. Once after the tooth eruption begins, pediatric brushes are available which can be used for brushing. Upto 4 years of age parents should help their children with tooth brushing. After 4 years the child can be allowed to brush on its own, but it should be performed in front of parents.

How important is milk teeth?

This thought arises almost in 90% of parents. They assume that milk teeth is going to shed off, so why should I make effort to treat them. This kind of thinking is entirely incorrect. Because milk teeth forms the basement for the upcoming permanent teeth. Any problem with the milk teeth will surely have an impact on the permanent teeth. So, in order to have a healthy permanent teeth, milk teeth should be given utmost care. Noor Dental Clinic, Kids Dentistry in Madurai is specialised in paediatric dentistry and provides treatments

What are the methods to prevent tooth caries in a pediatric age group?

Tooth caries is often more common in a child and there are various causes behind it. However, it can be prevented if we follow appropriate measures. Proper bottle feeding, following the correct weaning period, planned healthy nutrition and maintaining the oral hygiene of the child are very important to prevent the occurance of tooth caries.

How decayed milk teeth can be treated?

Depending on the extent to which the teeth is affected, various treatment procedures are there to restore the affected teeth. Application of sealants and filling the tooth with restorative materials are done in initial stages of decayed tooth. Extensively decayed tooth are treated with Root canal therapy in Madurai .

What happens if my child loses the tooth earlier than usual/ is it Normal if my child loses the tooth earlier?

Usually Primary tooth Exfoliates, after certain age followed by eruption of Permanent teeth. Premature exfoliation of primary tooth, maybe due to various causes Such as Dental decays / Traumatic injuries (Or) maybe due to any Systemic Illness. Firstly, the cause for premature Exfoliation should be found out and managed accordingly. Early exfoliation can cause tooth drifting, which may not provide space for the Developing Permanent dentition. Hence, it is necessary to provide Space Maintainer for uninterrupted eruption of Permanent Dentition.

What are the Future problems which can occur in my child if he/she has a habit of thumb sucking or pacifier sucking?

If a child has a habit of thumb sucking or pacifier sucking, various dental malocclusions can occur. But it depends on the. Duration and the frequency of the habit. If the habit prolongs even after 4 years of age, then, it can result in severe malocclusion of developing Permanent dentition. Depending upon the age and severity of malocclusion, several treatment strategies are available, which can be implemented to correct malocclusion.

How dental emergencies are managed in a child?

In a growing child, commonly traumatic injuries are found to occur in majority of the cases which should be managed timely. Following, any dental injury radiograph should be taken immediately to access the extent of damage happened to the dentition and oral tissues. Maxillary teeth are mostly affected in traumatic injuries. Early and prompt treatment options should be followed for traumatic events.

Is follow up necessary in a child?

Kids Dentistry in Madurai, Follow up is definitely mandatory in a child, so that dental problems can be diagnosed earlier and can be treated with simple preventive measures. Follow up should be planned according to the needs for the child and it is usually ranges between 4-6 months.

Is Noor Dental equipped to treat Paediatric- patients?

Yes, Noor Dental have the top consultant Pedodontist from Madurai, who can lovely handle a child and do the procedure in ease where you don’t have to worry about the pain.